Bridge Closure

This time it’s official. From 15 June for at least 3 months the Ponte Guerrieri at Modica will be closed to traffic. The comune is planning a circuitous one way system for all traffic coming from and to Ragusa,Siracusa and Pozzallo. Allow extra time for your journey.

Siracusa bus tours

From June Siracusa is to have its first open top bus tour which will make it easier for visitors to go to the various sites around the city. If it works on the same principle as in other cities, a ticket will last 24 hours and allow you to hop on and hop off at will. catania-altri-privati-molto-interessanti-L-FNypgo

Free wifi in Modica

Next week work starts on the new wifi zones. The first to be operative will be Modica Bassa, followed by Marina di Modica and then Modica Alta and the Sorda. The first hour of use will be free, and then you can buy a days internet for 2 euros.

This three minute video of a lad skateboarding through the lanes of Modica is becoming a web hit – give it a try, it’s very evocative and a good advert for Modica.