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From Saturday 28th July until Xmas, the ‘flavour train’ will be running between Siracusa and Modica with stops in Noto. It’s also called the train of the sweetness of almonds and honey, and other products – which isnt quite as catchy if you ask me.

However the train will leave Siracusa at 9am reach Noto at 9.30 and arrive at MOdica at 1300. At each stop there will be free guided tours and tastings.

The other catchily named train of religious breads, feasts of the sea and desserts from convents will run between Agrigento and Porto Empedolce

Also dont miss a Sunday trip out from Catania centrale at 9am which goes to Dittaino, on the romantically tagged Train of the Devotional Sweets’ which then links up with a bus to go to Morgantina and the Villa Romana at Piazza Armerina. Return time is 1825 with arrival at Catania of 1935. It will be on 29 July, 19 August and 16 September.

Beach bus

From Friday Noto will run a bus service 7 times a day to connect to Lido di Noto.
Buses leave Noto from the piazza Pantheon and run to Calabernardo, Lido di Noto and Eloro
2.5 euros per adult, children under 10 go free.
8.30, 10.30, 12.30 15.00, 16,20 and 19,30 and a night bus at 23.30

It will run 7 days a week.


San Corrado Noto

On Sunday 28 August the summer edition of San Corrado will take place, with the procession starting at around 7pm for the roads of Noto, followed by the reentry into the Duomo.