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Modica – road closure

The mayor of Modica has decided to shut a 100m stretch of the Corso every day of the week – from Monday to Thursday from 2000 to 2300, Friday and Saturday – 2000 to 2400 and Sunday 1800 to 2400, till the end of September.
The signage is appalling, they seem to think that a piece of A4 stuck on a lamppost 2km from the site is adequate. There are no alternatives routes signed. The information given – Piazza Monumento and Largo San Pietro dont even exist on Google maps. All there is are a few signs saying you mustn’t park.
To avoid being caught out and left on the wrong side of the road closure – park on hte side of Modica you want to leave from – the top of Corso Umberto if you want to go Ragusa, or the bottom if you’re going onto Scicli, Ispica, etc.
If you fail – here is a map showing the alternative routes. The blue arrows show the one way system.
modica bw vie alt2

Beach bus

From Friday Noto will run a bus service 7 times a day to connect to Lido di Noto.
Buses leave Noto from the piazza Pantheon and run to Calabernardo, Lido di Noto and Eloro
2.5 euros per adult, children under 10 go free.
8.30, 10.30, 12.30 15.00, 16,20 and 19,30 and a night bus at 23.30

It will run 7 days a week.