People come to Sicily to eat!  A few fresh ingredients, make Sicilian food the envy of the rest of Europe.  it’s also a melting pot of different cultures – African, Arab and European – making the cuisine unique.  Here are some of the things you should try when you are in the south east of Sicily…. and then you’ll want to take some home.


Filled with fresh ricotta from the iblea the cannoli in the south east are the best!  –  Either with pistacchio or almond, sometimes with cassata – or Sicilian pure – just ricotta.  To be eaten the same day as they are made – for the full benefit.

almond or lemon granita

Both almonds and lemons are grown locally, and traditionally the granita is breakfast on a hot summer morning – with a hot brioche.  Seasonal – the flavours are usually: lemon, almond (toasted or white), strawberry, mulberry, chocolate, coffee, blackberry, pistacchio,


More ricotta this time with marzipan and icing – little versions of the Sicilian cassata though without the candied peel and usually with chocolate flakes.  Small enough not to be too sickly.  Noto is probably king of the cassatina.

Cassata or Ricotta icecream

Only to be found in Sicily, it’s the best of all worlds, ice cream and ricotta!




Modican speciality, a ravioli style pastry with a filling of chocolate and meat – strangely pleasant.

The Modican Scacce

Staple of the Modican diet, and probably the reason why Macdonalds failed in Modica.  A type of crepe with savoury fillings served best hot, and which fills you up a treat.

Favourite are, cheese and tomato, ricotta and sausage, parsley and tomato, ricotta and onion,

Ricotta and hot ricotta

bought fresh in the morning, a new ricotta is smooth, and full of flavour. Best bought 2 days after its rained, when the grass is greenest and the cows eat well.  Also sheep ricotta is favoured.  Eat it on its own, iwth bread, as a topping for pasta, anything you like.    If you get the chance visit a farm and eat hot ricotta, fresh from the fire, which is served ina  terracotta bowl by the litre – you won’t be able to eat it all – but they give you a doggy bag to take it home.  An unforgettable experience.


ragu in a rice and breadcrumb cone or ball.  Sometimes with a hard boiled egg or peas.  It depends where you eat it.  At the chocolate festival they make arancine with Modican chocolate.

Eating in Modica

South East Sicily in English